Handout - Getting Started

Welcome to the Dragonmarch Campaign!

This handout contains information and house rules important for creating a character and getting started in the late Bronze Age setting of Episode I – The Burning Invasion.

Let the Adventure Begin!

The campaign will being with characters at “0 level.” Players should know what class they wish to become and build their character to fit that class, but they will not have access to many of their class abilities.

Characters will start with their class skills and a deficit of 2 ability points. All characters will receive the Ability Score Improvement option upon reaching first level, at which point, they may increase their scores to their original first level value, or they may select a feat instead.

Race Restrictions

No Dragonborn or Tieflings. They don’t exist… yet.
If a player wishes to play any race other than Human, Half-elf, Elf, Dwarf or Halfling, please contact Reed.

Class Restrictions / Limitations

Arcane magic is a science that has not yet been fully developed. In particular, Wizards, Warlocks and Sorcerers are unknown in the world. That is not to say that they cannot be selected as a PC class, but know that you will begin the game with very limited access to spells and magic and it will be largely on you as a pioneer in the arts to discover new spells and abilities. See the Magic section for more information

Weapons and Armor

The campaign begins at the end of the Bronze Age, with weapons and armor still made of heavy, brittle materials.

Bronze weapons become blunted on a critical failure, decreasing their damage die by one step. A critical failure with a blunted weapon breaks it completely.

Exotic weapons must be okayed with the DM

No Plate, Half-plate, or Chain armors. Medium +5lbs, Heavy +10lbs


The Gods

The world is young. The primordial gods of Sky, Earth and Underworld reign. See the Pantheon page for information of deities including their domains.

Handout - Getting Started

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